Saturday, February 1, 2014

Still Tanking and Other News

My how things change in just two weeks!

The short story of events are:

- Hammerfist Clan is nothing more than your average guild mostly full of elitist no-lifers who do little more than theory-craft for hours, actually more like days on end. (So incredibly boring...) So after they chased off almost every player I recruited for them (about 30 active members) I decided to leave. Simply another case of false advertising -- no surprise there.

- Putting my money where my mouth is, I started Levity which has reached Rank 5 in two weeks. The members who have stayed with us are having a blast. Players in #FFXIV seem to be innately helpful, cheerful, and upbeat. I suppose all you need to do is get out of the way and adopt a leadership style of less-is-more. It's working great so far. No advertising seems necessary.

- I've completed a set of Darklight Gear. I'm working on my relic, although that's not really a priority. I've accidentally completed a set of Cavalry Gear as well, due to my numerous Brayflox runs. I still need to get started on my dailies and some day I'll trouble myself with Crystal Tower and Coil silliness.

- I made another post on my Role-playing Blog, Son of Ishgard. I've had a blast flexing my creative muscles. It's a good diversion from the normal play style.

- Life is good these days. No drama, no emergencies, and truckloads of fun in and out of the game! I wish it could always be like this.

- I bought a PS4 and my body is prepared to experience Beta on February 22nd!!

- I found the following Lore videos!

- And I can't wait for the upcoming Lightning event, which I missed on account of real life emergencies.

It's really simple friends -- JUST HAVE FUN!!!

Friday, January 17, 2014

Still Tanking in FFXIV

Motivational Speaker by day, Dungeon Master by Night!

Providing us with the quality advice we have all come to expect from our fellow FFXIV players. Bringing you such hits as:

Well, I got told on my silly blog post last week. Aeirou took it upon himself to be my mentor in tanking, setting me straight on the facts of tanking life:

But hey! He makes some salient points. I suppose the fact I was level 47 at the time didn't deter him from teaching me the effectiveness of flash and shield oath (lulz). The only problem I have is the fact that I have spoken with dozens of Black Mages, Bards, Dragoons, and Healers who have all tanked as well, and they all categorically confirm that, if they wanted, they can pull hate from a tank whenever they like. It's almost as if Aeirou hasn't played any class other than tank. Or perhaps flash works better for him than it has for me and 20 of my friends...

Nonetheless, tanking has been a ton of fun. I've dinged level 50 in less than 14 days. All the rumors about queue times, party invites and the prospect of Crystal Tower runs and Coil teams are true. The truth is I'm in no hurry to start all that ridiculousness. I really want to take my time getting into the the grind. I've got plenty of time and I certainly don't comprehend the intense rush to item level 9000!!! It is like the rush we saw in the first months of A Realm Reborn. Knock out 50 in a week and complain about how there's nothing to do in this game. Next month we'll start hearing from the same folks about how they have all the gear in the game and have nothing left to do. Me? I'll be poking along enjoying the voyage.

For the record, I'm still interested in any tanking advice you may have for me. Especially if it's PS3 specific and helpful for Crystal Tower and Coil runs. Now that would be some useful information. I watch YouTube videos of course and read all the guides I can find. But! Have any of you noticed how many different guides there are? It seems that there is still no centralized information, everything is spread over 10 different fan sites, and each guide has a different theory about how to tank stuff. I feel like enrolling in the Leeroy Jenkins School of Tanking! I got this bro!!

Friday, January 10, 2014

FFXIV Tank Discussion

I have decided to leave my Danforth persona behind and take on a new identity in the game. I have decided instead to play as a character named Sel Lucavi and spend the rest of my game time role-playing on a few other characters. As some of you already know, I have been working on a role-playing blog for my character named Gilrenoux Montfort. Danforth Wright, as a character, simply attracted too much attention and distracted me from the game. I'm counting on my new character not being nearly as recognizable and since so few of my readers still come here, I am betting Sel will remain largely anonymous. At some point in the future, I'm sure that I will begin playing Danforth again, but for now I am having too much fun as a Roegadyn paladin!

Tanking in FFXIV:

In the last week, I have gotten my paladin to level 43 and I can honestly say it has been quite an education. Learning how to tank has not come naturally to me. I have had to endure some rather frank evaluations of my performance, but the suggestions and tips have all been very useful. I think it's all a matter of how you take the criticism.

First of all, noob tanks don't get treated nearly as bad as I have heard. I've gotten people killed by not pulling properly. I've wiped entire parties, sometimes 2-3 times in one run. I've accidentally hit my sprint macro right in the middle of a boss fight! You name it and I've done it. But only once or twice, have I been made to feel like an idiot or a scrub who can't tank. Now I know some of you will point out that the real fun hasn't even begun for me yet and I quite agree, the test of a good tank doesn't come until at least level 45. However, I want to encourage anybody out there who is feeling timid about tanking. The first 40 levels are educational and relatively painless. It's enough of a start that your confidence will grow and at this point I feel confident that levels 45-50 are going to be successful as well. However, this game could always use more good tanks and douchebags seems to be their own worst enemies.

I find it humorous when  DPS class or Healer decides that they have become your judge, jury, and executioner. It has only happened to me once or twice, but it was nothing short of comedy gold. Here is my current guide to DPS/Healer douchebaggery:

Step One: Constantly aggro pulls by either DPS-ing or over healing within the first 2 seconds of a pull. If you do this read here.

Step Two: Continue to DPS or over heal when you are now tanking 2-3 mobs.

Step Three: Start running in circles like an idiot with 2-3 mobs on you. (We wouldn't want to make it easy for the tank to flash or aoe the mobs off of you now)

Step Four: Yell things like "WTB voke..." or "ffs can we get a decent tank in here???" (Don't forget! Everything you say is more effective when it is followed by repetitive punctuation like - !!! or ...)

Step Five: After the mobs are dead, and you have a chance to breathe, start pontificating about how your alt is a tank and you know all about tanking and how to do it "properly." Once you've established your own personal elite status, you must now call attention to your tanks noob status. Because we all know that when somebody honestly makes a mistake or needs to learn something new -- it's always best to humiliate them and demean them. (This is a well known motivational technique and has been proven to produce dramatically positive results. Right?)

Step Six: After giving your tank enough cause for them to leave the dungeon, immediately declare said tank a noob and a scrub or a douche. When you log out of the game proceed to public forums where you scan for tanking threads about why the game has so many baddies or so few good tanks. There you can add your personal experience to the discussion and instead of accurately describing your own failure - you instead declare your tank(s) inept and lazy. Thus, you can perpetuate the false idea that tanks are to blame for your own incompetencies while simultaneously diminishing the likelihood of more tanks coming up into the mix. (Example: Here.)

Step Seven: Incessantly bitch to your friends and Free Company about your excessively long wait times in Duty Finder and remain mystified as to why you spend so much of your game time in queues.

I think that about sums it up! Douchebags in this game are definitely their own worst enemies. While tanking, I have only encountered this level of douchebaggery once or twice. However, on average, at least one douchebag completes steps 1-3 all the day long. Pull after pull after painful pull they suck at DPS or Healz on a magnitude far greater than any of their tanks. Good tanks are hard to come by and these people ensure that tanks continue to be hard to come by well into the future. So my public service announcement is: "If you see somebody behaving like this, SAY SOMETHING and let them know that they are doing it wrong." This is especially effective if you are not the tank! Think it through. When the tank says these things, they inevitably sound defensive and the douchebag will not hear it for what it is. So all you DPS'ers and Healers out there - speak up for tanks and you just might have more of them around.